The People behind the Sea(nes)
We’re a group of creative thinkers and conservationists who have built upon a vision to save our reefs.

Reef Support is based in the Netherlands but with team members situated in different parts of the world including Singapore (Crystle) and Saba (Marijn), part of the Dutch Carribean, as a field marine biologist and and a marine park officer respectively. Like Crystle and Marijn, every team member of Reef Support wears many different hats - and we draw a lot of positivity from one another.

Our mission is to take practical action and support the growth of the blue economy with robust and cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence and satellite imaging. Our proprietary software is part of a reef manager's toolkit to streamline MPA monitoring operations and environmental impact assessments. Our tools also extend to coastal businesses that rely on healthy reef systems: aquaculture and fisheries, beach (resorts), and tourism. We also support conservation projects around the world and advocate for participatoryparticipatory science with programs like Reef Students.

Our vision is to support 75% of our world's reefs by 2025 through technology and partnerships.
Our focus lies on people and planet.

Reef Students

Reef Students is a chapter within Reef Support B.V. that aims to provide educational value by engaging the scientific community and society at-large.

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