Global Reef Support Network

The Global Reef Recovery Network is an informal coalition and platform for organizations, small businesses, researchers, and members of the public that are interested in any aspect of coral reef conservation or restoration to get involved and accelerate reef recovery. Our mission is to foster cross-activity (creation, deployment and monitoring) collaboration to towards a reef-positive society, and our focus lies on social outreach, educational awareness and impact.

Learn more below about how to join, terms and benefits of partnering up!

Types of Organizations we work with

As from the page, highlighting definitions of creation, deployment and monitoring of coral reefs and our oceans, we are actively adding organizations that actively engage in the following:

Organizations are being selected on an ongoing basis by our scouting and reviewing team either by application or based on our direct oureach within our network. Members are expected to be currently engaging, or have future plans to scale reef-positive activities as defined by Creation, Deployment and Monitoring.

Members can also express special interest in other types of wildlife research and conservation like shark tagging, or orca/whale spotting, as long as they have a proven method and system that contributes to the monitoring and preservation of marine life.

· Coral Farming & Nurseries (Land/Water-based)
· Artificial Reef Design and Development
· Biological and (geo-)physical research of Coral Reefs
· Coral Restoration and Conservation Diving
· Reef-positive Eco-tourism and Educational trips
· Beach Cleanups
· Beach and Diving Resorts (Reef Positive Nature)
· Coastal Protection
· Research Institutes
· Volunteer Divers and Citizen Scientist Groups

Benefits of being part of the Network

1. Get more visitors and volunteers!

We will offer a placement on our network's webpage for public global awareness about activities that your offer.

2. Reach more sponsors and donaters

The same way we attract people to come to your site, we also link up donation activities.

3. Promotional marketing

In an effort to boost outreach, we also offer a minimum of 2 interviews/articles per year to partners about an “impact story” which will be shared with our media partners. This can be about restoration success or a successful campaign for instance. For diving centres and resorts, this could be a special discount on dives, or it could be a special promotion in non-monetary value like a webinar sharing about plans and calls of action.

4. Collaborate on exciting projects

We send out a monthly newsletter (click to request a feature this month) to people that have signed up to our subcription list, and to other members of the network, for general public outreach, or to make open-calls for collaborate projects between creation, deployment and monitoring.

Added-benefits of working with Reef Support

5. Contribute to science

We hope to work your volunteers and citizen scientists to use our global database and automated analysis solutions to be able to contribute to a growing database of ocean data, via our platform

6. Additional Reef-Impact

A part of the commissions as a partner when a visitor donates or books through our website, we donate at least 50% back to research and conservation activities (as a lump-sum to partnering organizations, such as yourselves) for projects that require extra funding or support. If you would like to request funding from the Global Fund, please contact us.

Terms of being part of the Network

Participation and other services are free of charge on our website and our marketing channels.

When accepted as a member of the Global Reef Support Network, the member is expected to always have at least 1 contact point (email, phone) and a clear site to book activities online updated for correspondence.

To Join the Network, simply follow these steps:

Fill Up the Form on this Page.

You can also
contact us for extra information.

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