Open Coral AI
Providing accurate, standardized and actionable data to monitor and protect our reefs

How it works

Interested in what we do? This step by step process is what you can expect.

Data Collection
You collect data from your reefs and we do the rest.

Do you need extra support on how to collect data? Download the guidebook using the link below.
Upload Collection
After you’ve collected the data, upload your new collection to our web application.

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Select Models

‍Filter the data to your preference and select the models that are important to you. These 'smart' models account for random image errors and discrepancies between survey methods.
Reef Analysis
We analyse the benthic data collection through our proprietary machine learning algorithms so you don’t have to spend your diving days in the office.
Synthesis & Results

After analysing the data, you will see the results in a clear and easy-to-use format, that can be categorized by area, time and biodiversity indicators.

Request for Open Coral AI Access

Due to an influx of requests from stations worldwide, we do work case-by-case basis to tailor our AI and software tools to specific needs. We will aim accommodate as many users as we can in our preview, but we are excited to support the entire environmental sustainability community when the platform is publicly available. If you are ready to submit data to the platform you can already begin to do so by creating a profile and uploading your images onto the platform. This step also benefits the larger community by training our deep learning algorithms and play a role in shaping Open Coral AI as a whole.

If you're interested in being one of our first users of specific functionalities (contact us for full list of solutions), please provide the following information.

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The technology behind Reef Support is only as strong as the partner community that is building applications on it and taking practical action. If you are interested in scaling your environmental sustainability work with the power of the cloud and AI, do get in touch with our team. For students/researchers based with accredited educational institutions, we have tailored programs for you, please contact us directly with your specific research needs.