Open Coral AI
Providing accurate, standardized and actionable data to monitor and protect our reefs

How it works

Interested in what we do? This step by step process is what you can expect from Open Coral AI.

Data Collection
You collect data from your reefs and we do the rest.

Do you need extra support on how to collect data? Download the guidebook using the link below.
Upload Collection
After you’ve collected the data, upload your new collection to our web application/demo.

Upload and Analyze Now
(October 2023 version/May take a while to load)
Model Results
The model with present results on hard and soft coral a printable format. (For additional models like color correction, please see below).

And please, we do appreciate your feedback at:

Continue to Improve Open Coral AI

We are a collaborative team that wish to see tech for coral reefs be developed by the community.

Train a Unique Model
Not seeing great results from the demo model? We'd love to develop a more specialized model for your photos, hence, please contact us via the form below so we can start to work together.
Build 3D Models of Your Reefs and Generate Metrics
We analyse the 3D benthic data collection through our proprietary ML algorithms to understand complexity, rugosity, and volumetric-qualities of coral colonies and benthic habitats.
Fish Monitoring
We are also developing a (pelagic) fish monitoring model that can detect various fishes of length, color, age and species, using underwater cameras that can be installed at your site. Contact us for more information on how to get started with real-time fish abundance monitoring.

Save your sites

There are some additional features to be discovered in our platform.

Plan and Log Data for Monitoring Dives
In the full platform, you will be able to save your sites, log data from survey dives, plan with team and calender, and gather special insights on water quality through Open Ocean Data's satellite data.

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If you're interested in being one of our first users of specific functionalities (contact us for full list of solutions), please provide the following information.

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The technology behind Reef Support is only as strong as the partner community that is building applications on it and taking practical action. If you are interested in scaling your environmental sustainability work with the AI, get touch with our team.

For students/researchers based with accredited educational institutions, we have tailored programs for you, please contact us directly with your specific research needs.