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What is Open Coral AI?

Open Coral AI aims to accelerate data analysis and reporting of coral reef health by developing a free, online tool that employs AI to determine Live Coral Cover and address bottlenecks in coral reef monitoring. Unlike many available tools that require sophisticated equipment, Reef Support is developing a tool that allows for citizen scientists to participate in coral monitoring.

The collected data will be labelled and used to create a baseline AI model until the end of September, validated by external experts, and tested in-situ by partner organizations. The final version of the AI tool, along with a guidebook, will be launched and shared via social media by the end of 2023.

Reef Support's vision for the Open Coral AI project is not just to develop a tool for better coral reef management, but to create a sustainable and scalable platform that empowers stakeholders to participate in conservation efforts. By promoting community involvement, building partnerships, and continuously improving the technology, Reef Support aims tomake a lasting impact on ocean health.

This project has been sponsored by Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

How can I help with Open Coral AI?

The Open Coral AI project we offer is a unique opportunity for biologists and coral lovers to contribute to the development of Open Coral AI, a revolutionary tool for global marine researchers to analyze and monitor coral reefs. By participating in this project, you will not only be contributing to the larger goal of ocean conservation, but you will also be gaining valuable experience, which can be used in future endeavors.

You can either help by collecting data or by helping us to label important coral reef data from the comfort of your own home on behalf of organizations that monitor coral reefs.

The minimum requirement is that you have 1 - 2 years of experience in marine science or can prove that you have sufficient knowledge in classification of corals. We will learn about this in your application.

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In the "Meet the Reef Ranger" webinar, Amba Stapert shares her experiences with reef monitoring in Lombok, Indonesia. She explains how Reef Support is working to protect and preserve the coral reefs in the area through their data collection and AI development initiatives. Amba highlights the importance of scuba diving for data collection and emphasizes the role that Reef Rangers play in this crucial work.


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Coral reefs are exceptionally valuable; they provide food, livelihoods and economic opportunity to more than half a billion people in over 100 countries; they are also teeming with life, hosting a quarter of all known marine species. Nearly 200 million people depend on coral reefs to protect them from storm surges and waves. Increased acidification, pollution, fishing and other forms of coastal activities all impact our fuure of our coral reefs.

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