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At Reef Support, we create software to support coastal activities happening all over the world for a responsible and sustainable blue future. 91% of ocean species have yet to be classified, and more than 80% of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. As we expand our team of specialists and bravehearts, we are able to tap into more locations around the world with improvements on our solutions ever-growing. You'll love working with us if you're open, pragmatic, curious and want to make an impact!
Reef Support is an award-winning startup revolutionising Ocean Science.

Reef Support B.V. develops cutting-edge software to accelerate the transition from data to decisions to protect our oceans and coral reefs. We are a marine solutions provider developing a suite of Geographic Information System (GIS) and artificial intelligence tools to reduce time and costs in the monitoring and processing of data of coastal activities, such as marine research and reef surveying.

Our solutions are provided through Software as a Service (SaaS) and our APIs can be integrated in existing enterprise infrastructure. Our proprietary software, Reef.io, is part of a reef manager’s toolkit to streamline MPA monitoring operations and environmental impact assessments. Our tools also extend to coastal businesses that rely on healthy reef systems: aquaculture and fisheries, beaches (tourism), maritime and coastal development sectors.

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Are you a recent graduate looking to help us be successful with our first steps into the world of marine technology with an internship, or a student in your last year of studies looking for a graduation assignment? Then get in touch with our sub-chapter Reef Students!

Reef Students was set up to facilitate to researchers and their groups in monitoring, processing and development of studies, including providing commercial end-users to accomodate applied research.