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Reef Support is an award-winning startup revolutionising Ocean Science.

Reef Support B.V. develops cutting-edge software to accelerate the transition from data to decisions to protect our oceans and coral reefs. We are a marine solutions provider developing a suite of Geographic Information System (GIS) and artificial intelligence tools to reduce time and costs in the monitoring and processing of data of coastal activities, such as marine research and reef surveying.

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How we do things.

Diversity & Team
We strive to maintain a work environment where everyone can apply and develop skills and talents consistent with our values and business objectives. This applies to every employee, regardless of location, gender, ethnicity and physical abilities.

It’s important to live by our values and play an active role in communities by attracting all talents and offering opportunities to a diverse range of people.

The varied skills and experience of people from different cultures, gender and ages benefits our business, helping us to better understand our customers across the world and to build stronger relationships at a local level. Our focus on diversity and inclusion also means customers, employees and partners choose us more often and are able to connect with us on more than one dimension.
In honor of #WorldOceanDay2021, Reef Support launched 'Reef Students', a sub-chapter within Reef Support that is run by students for students, aiming to enhance career skills and promote the research conducted by students worldwide.

Reef Students will not only work with schools to provides interactive education modules but also host (and co-host) community events to foster student engagement.

Through Reef Students, we aim to promote the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge to secure coral reefs for future generations.

Win-win mentality
In the many interactions we have daily, finding the right balance between urgent and important tasks must be found in alignment with clients and partnering organizations. Thus, by taking a win-win perspective for each encounter, we are able to produce and implement from internal principles, that creates value producing outcomes for all stakeholders incolved.

As we move through the waves of business and sustaiable development, we seek first to understand, and then be understood, as we know that great products take time and care to create. Quality and diligence are part of our company's core values.

Of course, we as a team celebrate when we win, and learn when we lose.

The Abundant Ocean
"Open source for an open ocean" is a motto of ours.

The value of the global ocean has been estimated by WWF at $24trn. With trillions of dollars of investment in the Blue Economy expected over the next decade, financial institutions will have a growing stake in the ocean and growing exposure to ocean-related risks.

We need not 1 solution, but an ecosystem of integrated methods, expertise, tools and technology in order to make global change towards sustaining marine life, and ultimately our food systems and human life. This is why at Reef Support we believe in the "abundant ocean", where we aren't afraid to step out in the big blue unknown with open innovation (Hackathons etc.) and take on collabative opportunities with organizations working towards the same goal.

Are you a recent graduate looking to help us be successful with our first steps into the world of marine technology with an internship, or a student in your last year of studies looking for a graduation assignment? Then get in touch with our sub-chapter Reef Students!

Reef Students was set up to facilitate to researchers and their groups in monitoring, processing and development of studies, including providing commercial end-users to accomodate applied research.