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As part of our commitment to protecting our reefs, Reef Students was created in mid 2021 aiming to enhance career skills and to promote the research conducted by students worldwide. We encourage enthusiastic reef science students, diverse in both nationality and research topics, to leverage on our software tools, experience and network to bridge the gap between academic-based forms of learning and research into practical and impactful applications. While our focus lies on 3 core topics: education, community and science, within each theme there are many opportunities for both students and organizations to engage in.

Reef Support Wave

Student Trips

Reef Support and Indonesia Biru Foundation have come together to set-up “the First Coral Lab in the Central Indonesia region”. This onshore coral farm will tap on new coral reef restoration techniques while at the same time, become a sustainable economic model for local coastal communities around South East Asia. From Nov 2021- Jan 2022, Reef Support is sending 4 enthusiastic students from Technische Universiteit Delft to Lombok, setting up, documenting and developing the lab’s vision for the future to jumpstart the ‘Restoration Economy’.

Youth Education

Our youth will become the next stewards of the oceans and our goal is to reach out and highlight the importance of coral reefs on our society and future from early on. Reef Students works with schools to provides interactive education modules aiming to inspire and enthuse primary-, middle- and highschoolers by allowing them to be in (almost) direct contact with the oceans. With this, we hope to enthuse children and teenagers for marine science and biologist engineering and to pursue a path in the STEM field. Join us in elevating education!

Hackathons & Events

As part of our mission at Reef Support, we believe that impact only goes so far as the community behind us. This is why we regularly host (and co-host) community events to engage students, organizations and the public to participate, collaborate and showcase diverse solutions that we as the Blue Community can provide. Examples of community engagements include beach cleanups, webinars, hackathons and open-AI challenges.

Science & Research

We promote the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge to secure coral reefs for future generations. This is why we work with universities and marine research institutions to understand how we can unleash the full potential of academia-based science and technology. We work with researchers (MS/MSc and PhDs) by providing support services such as connecting end-users and forming a case for applied research, or by granting early access to our software tools to student-research projects.

Join Reef Students

Our team was initially founded by students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, to which other students joined to transform Reef Support into what it is today. This is why we know how far the talents and passion of students can go, and we are always open to hearing about your profile and willingness to contribute to supporting reefs!

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Reef Students is a sub-chapter within Reef Support that is run by students, for students.