How it works

Interested in making models of your reefs? This step by step process is what you can expect.

Collect Images

Need help with underwater imaging? We can help assist you with equipment and procedure.

Upload Photos

Upload your photo collection on our platform and select the quality settings for model creation

Create the Model

We will handle the processing and creation of the model and notify you when it is ready!

What is 3D Photogrammetry in Coral Reef Monitoring?

Photogrammetry is a great technique to create realistic 3D models/digital twins of coral reefs (and their colonies) because photographs translate to highly defined materials and textures, and in fullcolor. This technique allows researchers to make detailed 3D reconstructions of reef surfaces for morphometric analysis of reef physical structure and perform large-scale image-mosaic mapping. It is useful for both reef-scale and colony-scale assessments, where detailed orthomosaics or topological maps can also be created.

Benefits of 3D Models for Reef Monitoring

Make Precise Measurements, Investigate 3D complexity

Things like growth rate, spread of disease, and how coral recovers from storms could never be measured precisely using the old techniques. Quantification of the surface area and volume of the coral is possible, providing hard numbers on the change in size and shape over time.

Track important changes and create baseline surveys for generations to come

These 3-D models can revolutionize scientists’ ability to track the changes in coral reefs and serves as an accurate baseline for future generations of reef surveyors for the site. Overlaying multiple images from different time periods to compare the reefs visually is also possible.

Great Way to Engage People and visualise the underwater world

We live in a 3D world, and so what better way for people to appreciate and enjoy coral reefs? Our models are useful for all scientific, educational and entertainment purposes. One of our biggest goals is to allow anyone who are living near these environments to create models with us.

From Structure - Ecosystem Monitoring

Photogrammetry Toolkit

All paid models will be made with the highest quality of render with image enhancement models to correct underwater visibility. We will also provide you with feedback on data collection technique and visualisation types as per request: orthomosaic creation, georeferencing, video animation (extra).



Up to 100 photos

Free Cloud Storage up to 5GB


Processing Time: 1 Days


Up to 500 photos

Free Cloud Storage up to 10GB


Processing Time: 2 - 3 Days


Up to 2000 photos

Free Cloud Storage up to 30GB


Processing Time: Up to 4 Days

Long-term Monitoring

All features

More than 10 Models per month

Unlimited Orthomosaics and Animations

Further Analysis (Rugosity etc.)

API connection

50 Models Cloud Storage (up to 1.5 TB)

€ 400/pm

All subscriptions come with access to other Reef Support tools (Coral AI).

For very large area scans and special operations (etc. robotics surveys) with images of more than 2000 images per single model, please contact us for further assistance. For further analysis of underwater model features, we would also like to hear from you how we can support your research. With all plans you will receive dedicated support from the Reef Support team on data collection, model creation, post-analysis and visualization.

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