We help aquaculture, ecotourism and coastal businesses ensure they sustain life, profit and safety

Reef Support, an  award  winning innovation

What we believe in

Oceans and coral reefs are the backbone of a multitude of ecosystems and human livelihood.

Unfortunately, we have already lost or severely damaged more than 50% of coral reefs and 85% of oyster beds worldwide. Studies estimate nearly all reefs will be at risk by 2050 unless action is taken now to reduce the threats. These alarming projections are increasingly becoming a major challenge in many parts of the world. 

We aim to change that.

The ABC's of Reef Support

Aquaculture Services

We have all heard of precision agriculture. Our aim is to build precision aquaculture. Reef Support is an online monitoring and predictive maintenance tool that uses artificial intelligence and satellite imagery for aquaculture management.

Certification of farmed seafood is rising, however certifying the food production remains challenging because significant production is associated with smallholder farms in developing areas. Certification programs today rely on annual in-person audits that is only affordable by a limited number of larger farms, which also has been difficult to conduct due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. While certification programs are moving to supplement audits with more frequent farmer-submitted information, this too has been challenging due to the lack of incentives for sharing data. Reef Support brings together insights from the farm paired with knowledge from the eyes of the skies.

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Aquaculture services

Beach Monitoring

Each year, billions of pounds of trash and other pollutants enter the ocean. Where does this pollution come from and where does it go? Some of the debris ends up on our beaches, washed in with the waves and tides. Some debris sinks, some is eaten by marine animals that mistake it for food, and some accumulates in ocean gyres. Other forms of pollution that impact the health of the ocean come from sources like oil spills or from accumulation of many dispersed sources, such as fertilizer from our yards. Despite the economic benefits of tourism, beach managers have grown increasingly resistant to continued resort development due to lack of clear predictive insights and planning strategies.

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Beach monitoring

Coral Reef Protection

Healthy reefs act as natural barriers, protecting coastal cities, communities, and beaches from pounding ocean waves. Nearly 200 million people depend on coral reefs to protect them from storm surges and waves. Without coral reefs, many beaches and buildings would become vulnerable to wave action and storm damage. With more frequent and severe storms predicted as part of climate change, coastal protection services will become even more important in the future.

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Reef Support in the Media

We are honored to have been featured by several media outlets.
Below are our highlights
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10 Dec 2020:
'Reef Support wins Copernicus Masters top prize'
10 Dec 2020:
Reef Support has been truly honored to be featured on the 5uur Show on SBS6 as the good news of the day! The good news being of course the Copernicus Masters Prize that we have received.
9 Dec 2020:
'Nederlandse studenten winnen Europese ruimtehoofdprijs'
Reef Support has been truly honored in being featured in an article on NOS, the biggest broadcasting organization in The Netherlands.
SBIC logo
8 Dec 2020:
'Dutch startup Reef Support overall winner Copernicus Masters 2020'

Reef Support has achieved the unthinkable! We have not only won the Copernicus Prize The Netherlands but also the Copernicus Masters Overall Prize 2020. The Space Business Innovation Centre in Noordwijk wrote this article about us.
NPO Radio 1 logo
8 Dec 2020:
'Gaat dit waarschuwingssysteem voor koraalriffen een Space Award winnen?'

Our CTO, Yohan Runhaar, had a talk on NPO Radio 1 about our company and what the Copernicus Prize for The Netherlands 2020 means to us.
SBIC logo
7 Dec 2020:
'Reef Support wins Copernicus Prize The Netherlands 2020'
It is official! Reef Support has won the Copernicus Prize The Netherlands 2020. The Space Business Innovation Centre in Noordwijk wrote this article about us.
7 Dec 2020:
‘Now is the time to discover, fail and explore’

Delta TU Delft wrote a nice article about our CEO, Marcel Kempers. His background and will to be a serial entrepreneur is all explained in here.
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