Global Reef Recovery Network
For the Creation, Deployment and Monitoring of our Coral Reefs

We are one Blue Planet.

The Global Reef Recovery Network is an informal coalition and platform for organizations, small businesses, researchers, and members of the public that are interested in any aspect of coral reef conservation or restoration to get involved and accelerate reef recovery. Our mission is to foster cross activity creation, deployment and monitoring collaboration to move towards a reef positive society, and our focus lies on social outreach, educational awareness and impact.

Reef Support Wave


Reef Support Wave

Who and what makes up the Network?

Creation is about first creating knowledge about our oceans and coastlines, whether in research-labs or in the field, and ultimately creating innovating solutions to crreate a climate-proof future for our coral reefs. This can include activities on coral gene-editing, microfragmentation techniques or creation of new sustainable materials for artificial reefs that boost local marine biodiversity.

We promote the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge to secure coral reefs for future generations. This is why we work with universities and marine research institutions to connect end-users and forming a case for applied research, or grant early access to our software tools to student-research projects on a case-by-case basis. Also see Reef Students (bottom of page) for more information on how to work with us for research purposes.
Examples of Activities and Organizations include:

· Coral Farming & Nurseries (Land/Water-based)
· Artificial Reef Design and Development
· Biological and (geo-)physical research of Coral Reefs
· Coastal Protection
Many organizations around the world depend on the strength of the public-at-large to engage in coral restoration activities, through eco-tourism packages, conservation diving and educational field trips. Based on experience, when we are able to attract more people looking for an adventure, we also create a society of ocean leaders. When vistors come out of the water, the unforgettable dive means that they are now forever a marine conservationist.

The Global Reef Recovery Network is a platform for these organizations to seek new customers and volunteers to their country and sites. We hope that through this coalition, we can leverage on the power of the community and build relationships with new ocean ambassadors.
Examples of Activities and Organizations include:

· Coral Farming & Nurseries (Land/Water-based)
· Coral Restoration and Conservation Diving
· Eco-tourism and Educational trips of Reef-positive nature
· Beach Cleanups
The only way we can ensure that our actions to create a more thriving marine ecosystem is to establish long-term monitoring programs. This can be done by local governments but also by individual organizations and educational field trips that when data is brought together, can play a vital role in understanding why various coral types survive under specific conditions. Combining commonly used underwater imagery in monitoring with automated image annotation can dramatically improve how we measure and monitor coral reefs worldwide, particularly in terms of allocating limited resources, rapid reporting and data integration within and across geographies.

Through our online web application, available to these participating organizations so that individuals can upload underwater images and that the larger society can benefit from cross-platform open data to support our reefs for the long term.
Examples of Activities and Organizations include:

· Beach and Diving Resorts
· Coral Restoration Centres
· Research Institutes
· Volunteer Divers
· Marine Park Rangers/Officers

Ready to be part of the Global Reef Recovery Network?

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Organizations are being selected on an ongoing basis by our scouting and reviewing team either by application or based on our direct oureach within our network. Members are expected to be currently engaging, or have future plans to scale reefpositive activities as defined by Creation, Deployment and Monitoring. If your organization looks at more than 1 aspect, we will take note of it and will be presented accordingly. When accepted as a member of the Global Reef Recovery Network, the member is expected to always have at least 1 contact point updated for correspondence.

In an effort to boost outreach, we also offer a minimum of 1 interview per year to member organizations about an “impact story” This can be about restoration success or a successful campaign for instance. Participation is free of charge, However, we only ask that you share your stories and maintain updated information at all times (count of conservation dives etc.). We will offer a placement on website for public outreach about activities that your offer. Offer 1 special promotion per year and inform us so we can also spread the word. For diving centres and resorts, this could be a special discount on dives, or it could be a special promotion in non-monetary value like a webinar sharing about plans and calls of action.