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We understand tourism is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and we want to see how we can support in whatever way we can to conservation and marine-based activities, and at the same time building up your local community and region as a great place for people to come and be engaged with marine conservation.

Our goal is to help organizations like yourselves find moreinternational people, all in the name of ocean interaction and research, and wedo so by simply showcasing opportunities on our website as part of our Global Reef Support Network, where we also send out promotional material from time to time for academic and research-focused engagement. If your work fits within the scope of what we are looking for, we would be happy to feature your site as an attractive place for people to come dive and spend time through our network.

This won’t take much extra effort from your side and all we’re asking is to let us know exactly where we can direct people to book your activities, make a donation, adopt-a-coral and/or others.

At the same time, Reef Support are also focused on building a marine database, for instance in dolphin/seal/shark/orca monitoring and data processing, and using AI models to classify and tag speciesm, or track coral complexity. We would be lovely to speak on this topic if you indicate it below in the form.

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